Front Wheel Set (2016-2017)

The B-READY Front Wheel Set (2016-2017) includes two front swivel wheels for your B-READY pushchair.
The spare wheels are compatible with all B-READY models that were manufactured before 2018. The set is not compatible with pushchairs with the following serial numbers:

  • Steel Grey: 200002358418040001 to 200002358418040100
  • Blue Denim: 200002795318020001 to 200002795318020100
  • Cosmos Black: 200002358218180001 to 200002358218180100

The serial number is located on the left inner side of the pushchair frame above the adapters.
If your serial number is listed above, you can find the appropriate spare wheels here:
B-READY Front Wheel Set 2018.

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