Press Releases

Press Releases

Britax introduces its safest and most comfortable Group 2/3 car seat yet, the KIDFIX XP SICT

The launch of the KIDFIX XP SICT once again sees BRITAX set new safety standards in the industry with a revolutionary energy absorbing seat belt pad and a new adjustable side impact cushion technology (SICT) system for superior side protection.

In the event of a frontal collision, the innovative cushioned seat belt pad, known as the XP-PAD works to take the energy of crash forces away from the child's chest area and, as the child's head jolts forward, the neck is supported as the chin hits the compressed cushion.  This reduces high neck loads by up to 30% in comparison to a normal 3-point seat belt*.

The KIDFIX XP SICT also boasts advanced side impact cushion technology to help reduce side impact crash forces. Side impact collisions are one of the most severe types of collisions on the roads** and the arrival of KIDFIX XP SICT marks a huge step forward in keeping children safe from fatal side impact crashes.

The new flexible SICT cushion is on both sides of the car seat, however you only need to activate it on the side closest to the door where the impact will be the most severe.  This allows space and comfort on the other side of the seat for additional passengers.

Also, to ensure the seat is perfectly in place at all times, the KIDFIX XP SICT clicks directly to the ISOFIX fittings in the car by ISOFIT***.

Mark Bennett, car seat safety expert remarks, 'Car seat safety of children beyond the age of four years is still vitally important whilst their bodies are getting stronger and bigger. Moving from a five-point harness to a seat belt can feel slightly daunting for parents and children alike.  The XP-PAD offers extra peace of mind for parents and comfort and safety for little ones. Our advanced and adjustable SICT provides the ultimate in enhanced side impact protection and will set safety standards for all car seat travel moving forwards'.

To offer parents the highest level of safety innovations available at a price point to suit their specific budget, there are two further additions to the KIDFIX family, which includes the KIDFIX XP and the KIDFIX SL.

All three new seats have a v-shaped backrest ensuring a perfect fit throughout a child's development. This coupled with the deep protective side wings, adjustable head support and multi-recline positioning, provides a smooth and pleasant ride for your growing child.

The KIDFIX XP offers all the fantastic benefits of the KIDFIX XP SICT, without the addition of the SICT cushion.

The KIDFIX SL offers all the benefits of the new KIDFIX range but uses a 'soft latch' ISOFIT system to connect the seat to the car's chassis. To fit with soft latch ISOFIX, each ISOFIX arm independently needs to be attached to the ISOFIX fittings and then once in place, a simple pull of the central strap on the front of seat ensures that the seat is installed correctly.

Both the KIDFIX SICT and KIDFIX XP fall under BRITAX's Safety Initiative programme, which requires a trained retailer to fit the seat.

Available from Mothercare stores only, the KIDFIX XP SICT is available at £165 and the KIDFIX XP will be in their stores from early 2014 at £135.

KIDFIX SL will be launched through Kiddicare in January 2014 at £115.


* BRITAX internal test data

**Casimir "Child Car Passenger Fatalities - European Figures and In-Depth Study"; Alan Kirk; Loughborough University, UK; Conference:  Protection of children in cars, Munich, 2011

***What is the difference between ISOFIX and ISOFIT?

ISOFIX and ISOFIT are child safety seats that are attached to the vehicle body with connectors.  With ISOFIX seats, the child is secured by means of a five point safety harness; with ISOFIT by means of the vehicle's 3 point seat belt.  An additional distinguishing feature is the classification of the child safety seat.  The ISOFIX description is used for Group 0+ and 1, and the ISOFIT description for Group 2/3.